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"In Tango Download we explain how you can download this wonderful video calls application to PC and iPhone and Android terminals. Tango Download and you can communicate free with other users worldwide Tango."

Tango is an application for Smartphones, iPhone and PC that allows free video calls between these devices using 3G or Wi-fi.

In addition to video calls, Tango Download offers the ability to make voice calls with high quality, send texts, pictures and share videos and games.

To use Tango you have to download this application to your device and create a user account.

It is an instant messaging application with over 160 million users worldwide and has become an alternative to other similar applications like Whatsapp, Line, Skype and WeChat.

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Tango Download is ideal for communicating with your friends and family free of charge and without the need for records and passwords. Remember that you can only communicate with people who are users of Tango.

Tango Download is possible for PC, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Tango Download in your PC and you can communicate directly from your computer with Smartphone, iPhone, tablets and iPad anywhere in the world.

Tango Download for PC is the new Tango application available for your computer.

Download Tango for PC gives you the ability to install this fantastic application on your PC or laptop.

Its use is very easy, just have to put your phone number and the phone number of the friends you want to call for communicate remotely from the chat. Then you click on the contact you want to initiate a call, video call or send a message.

Tango Download features

If you download Tango will have to meet certain requirements and enjoy many advantages. Some of the main features of this application are:

  • Tango is compatible with most Smartphones and tablets, as well as with the PC. It is available for PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows Phone 7 and Android Smartphones and Tablets Version 2.1

  • By downloading Tango have to add a user name and a password to create an account in seconds

  • You get a great quality over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. Its excellent quality transmission makes it a strong alternative to similar apps like Whatsapp, Line, WeChat and Skype.

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  • Make free calls and messages to users of Tango

  • Automatic detection of contacts who use this application and ability to send video messages to groups

  • Download Tango we can customize video calls and video messages with filters, images and other funny animations

  • All video calls and audio calls are free

  • Calls and international messages are also free

  • In addition, to download Tango the messages we send to other users do not use a text defined plan and are completely free

  • While making a call you can make games with your friends

  • You can find all the images and videos in the photo gallery

  • Ability to create or join groups and chat and send photos, videos, messages, and other files to your friends group

  • You can transfer information from a mobile account to another while keeping all your data, that is, files, contacts, photos, etc.

  • Tango allows you to make calls and free video calls to Android phones, iPhone and Windows Phone from the Windows PC.

If you want to download and install Tango click on this link. However, in the following pages we explain in detail how you can download Tango for PC, Android and iPhone.

New version of Tango

After some time, the Tango application was recently upgraded in order to compete more effectively with other messaging applications. Presents latest news and features especially important for social relationships.

This new version is available for Android and iOS.

To Download Tango, among the new elements we can highlight several features:

  • You can gather all the pictures of your friends in one place.

  • The recent calls appear in chat and so, you can respond quickly.

  • Presents Novelty Quick Chat, through which we can answer text messages more dynamics. You can reply to text messages without opening the Tango application.

  • The new messages show the sender's profile picture and a preview.

  • Logically you can create your own profile, which you can set to make it visible to all Tango users or only for your friends. To change the profile we access the "Friends" tab and click the "MyProfile" option. Here you can practically perform the same actions on social networks.